Bearshielded, Strike the Earth!


As I mentioned in my earlier post, storytelling is a favourite past time of the Dwarf Fortress community. While I personally have never written one of these, I have read and observed the creation of many and from what I see they come in three flavours

For my first attempt at doing a Dwarf Fortress story I’m going to go with the simplest format following the creation of my fortress and the spiral towards the destruction of it. However, a twist in this is what I will be using the mod Masterwork Dwarf Fortress which adds a lot more challenge to the game.

The first job required is to find the burial site  new home of my bearded friends. To do this I go through the embark process, my criteria for this fort is 1. somewhere significantly fun, 2. with a water supply and 3. preferably mountains and metal.

DF embarkThis is where I decide to settle and it meets my criteria in the following ways:

  1. The purple ‘I’ symbol seen to the east represents a necromancer’s tower, expect to see waves  of undead arms attacking my fort.
  2. There is a small river to the west point of my embark
  3. A large amount of mountains and deep/Shallow metals available

The next step in the process is preparing for the journey, this involves choosing the skills for your dwarves and what equipment they will have in their wagon at the beginning of the game.

journey preparationBeing a good breaking bad fan I ensure that there is plenty of references (Some are pretty loose, farmer = lab assistant for the cook right?) as well as a reference to the formerly great series of Dexter which ironically stabbed all of the fans in the back after season 4 with progressively worse seasons. Anyways that’s a rant for another day, a long with this merry bunch I brought with me food, picks, axes, seeds and an anvil a long with a few breeding pairs of pigs and dogs (My main defense until I gain access to weaponry/Armour)

The next step is to press ‘E’ for embark.

Strike the earth!Bearshielded, Strike the earth!


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