Humble beginnings


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Let’s get down to business, The first step in a fortress is to check your surroundings and designate the area that you will start to develop into your great dread fortress.

HomeSay hello to our brave pioneers, as you can see they’re huddled around a wooden square which is the wagon that holds all of the embark goods. Now to check out who or what are the neighbors who may or may not instantly decimate my fortress’ denizens.

populaceWell, this could be interesting. Coyotes aren’t too much of an issue and can usually be taken down by lone dwarfs, however the raptors are a terrible threat as they can easily grab and break limbs of dwarfs leaving them defenseless to their bites and scratches. With luck they will stay away from me until I manage to get my fortress’ inhabitants to a safe location. I then look around the hills to find a place to fortify and start my most important industry, farming. After a few minutes of scouting the area I find this place: 

The beginningI decided that this will be a good area to begin the digging of my fortress as the area in the concave will allow me to create a courtyard to grow above ground crops and train my military once I have the ability to create drawbridges from stone and mechanisms. While the digging takes place I send my lumberjack out to cut wood.

After digging into the mountain, I try to place crops but realise that there is no mud to grow crops on! This is critical as dwarfs cannot live for very long on only water, due to the day to day horror that is a dwarf’s life they require alcohol, and lots of it too. To deal with this problem I must play with the second deadliest substance known to dwarf kind WATER. I channel out an area which will be flooded and build a mason’s workshop a long with a mechanics to create a floodgate and lever to remotely control the opening and closing of this gate.

FloodingPartial success! I have to wait for the water to evaporate before I can build but the flooding was kept mostly under control. During the building of this a group of migrants arrived with mostly untrained dwarfs and a few drains of my resources kids as well as my first instance of combat to protect a few gems against nymphs


Dorf lifeThat’s how we deal with thieves around here! However, the nymph did do a drive by gut punch on one of my masons who is now puking the small amount of food we have left over the ground.

Now that the remainder of the flood waters have evaporated, I have a sustainable farm for Plump Helmets, the most basic of plants that can be used for both booze (Glorious booze!) and eaten raw or cooked with another ingredient.  Now that that’s underway I decide to turn the previously flooded section into the mason and food/leather-working  area of my fortress so I make sure that there is a lot of room for storage as shown below : Masonfood

During the digging out of this area, by Armok’s grace  horrible mischance two of the children have been kidnapped! I was also visited by the first set of trading caravans, however as I had no real trade goods (Primary resources don’t tend to sell very well) I decided not to try and purchase anything.

For the rest of my districts I’ll be following a similar plan as the Mason/Food area shown above, however the residential district will most likely be larger and more space efficient due to the large amount of migrants I’ve been getting per a season so far we are on :

no.dwarfsAll of which require a full bedroom set of furniture as well as food and a place to eat the aforementioned food. I have a challenge set in front of me, will I succeed? No. That’s the best bit about Dwarf Fortress!

All hail the glory of Bearshielded!

Side note: This post has been rather lengthy, in future I may skip a few seasons if nothing interesting happens.


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