My Thoughts on : One Finger Death Punch



Platforms: Xbox 360 arcade and PC (Desura)

Genre: On-rails brawler (As the game describes itself)

Developer : Silver Dollar Games

One Finger Death Punch is in many ways, a very strange game. Imagine cookie clicker, only with two buttons and the corpses of hundreds of stick men.


The game describes itself as the only ‘On-rails brawler’ which is a fairly accurate description, the game has two buttons Left click and right click which are used to decide in which direction to attack.


For example, in this situation right click would move me towards the blue stick man whilst grabbing the spear and whacking him with it, whereas if I pressed left click I would miss leaving myself open for counter attack. While this formula does seem very dull and simple, it’s surprisingly satisfying and when mixed with the variety of weapons and combat styles it’s very, very stylish. My personal favourite weapon is the horribly impractical metal spiked ball (Clearly someone is playing football wrong) which can be combo’d and knocked into the enemy instantly killing even the toughest of them. The campaign is made up of a number of the following maps:


The game has a large amount of levels, the basic mode is a “Mob round” which as you progress there’s increasing amounts of enemies and sometimes less health with some levels being one hit kills. Other modes include – Survival, Timed, object destruction, boss battles and more. The boss battles aren’t great, they’re all pretty much the same thing and involve the boss figure swapping between a variety of stickman types such as dodgers and brawlers which require a quick reaction based mini game.

My personal favourite mode : Light sword round!

My personal favourite mode : Light sword round!

The game also comes with a fairly substantial amount of skill trees which can be mixed with two others to create a more personalized and maybe more awesome combat style that helps add a progression element through the game. Some are quite simple with longer weapon life or more ammunition for ranged weapons, however there are some quite interesting ones such as a skill that allows you to freeze one side of the screen every 32 kills.


One of the main criticism that most would probably level at the game would be : Is it too repetitive?  The answer is probably yes, but because it’s so damn enjoyable with a well placed price point ($2) it’s hard to be mad at it.


The game comes with a some-what racist Asian sensei shouting at you how to click the right and left mouse button and what each colour of stickman can do. Another problem I have with the game is that there seems to be no real reason for everything to be a stickman, while it may be an art choice, it seems to be more lazy than anything and in my opinion a colourful Limbo art style with sharp contrasts between the character and the background would be great and is partially done during the light sword rounds. The music, while some of it is pretty good, is quite limited. The game advertises three songs that are a mix between dubstep and more traditional ‘Chinese sounding’ music. Often the same song is playing for most of the levels.

However, the animations are amazing and with the mixture of multiple martial arts and weapons that animations make it look like a legitimate kung-fu movie and whenever you punch a guy’s eyeball out of it’s socket into the screen just simply feels great.



  • Large amount of content
  • Satisfying combat
  • Decent amount of variety with amount of modes and enemy types
  • Sense of progression due to skill system
  • High quality animation


  • Repetitive music
  • Simple gameplay (Not necessarily a negative)
  • Some may not enjoy the stickman art style

After playing the game for a few hours, I can safely say that I’ll play quite a few more and that I greatly enjoy the gameplay.


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